Brand Engagement

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Wendy McWilliams, MPRIA

Author, Brand Engagement

Public Relations and other techniques to make your brand shine

Wendy McWilliams is the Managing Director of WMC Public Relations Pty Limited, which Wendy established in 1992 after she saw the need for a flexible, proactive and cost-effective PR company that delivered a personal level of service.

Prior to this, Wendy worked in a handful of large and small public relations consultancies in London, Sydney and Melbourne.

With more than 30 years professional PR experience, Wendy has decided to share her knowledge so that small to medium enterprises may be helped in establishing and growing their brand, that it engages their stakeholders and continues to shine.

Scores of businesses in Australia and overseas have benefitted from the broad range of services provided by Wendy and her team.

Today, Wendy is a contributor and mentor to many micro business owners, helping them to work through issues and grow their business.

Orange-bellied Parrot

Profit from the sale of the PR book, Brand Engagement, will benefit this critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot.

Outside of work, one of Wendy’s other passions is birdwatching. It is to this end that Wendy wants to make a difference. All profit from the sale of books will be donated to help prevent the Orange-bellied Parrot from becoming extinct in the wild. More information about this bird can be found at

New PR book from Wendy McWilliams called Brand Engagement

In Wendy’s words...

“The spark to write this book came after the public relations company I established in 1992, WMC Public Relations, turned 20.

It jolted me into thinking about everything that I had learnt since my first job in PR and all my past experiences that are now woven into my professional makeup.

I thought it was time to share what I know with small to medium sized enterprises so that they may be helped in establishing and growing their brand, that it engages their stakeholders and continues to shine.

To enhance my chapters that cover PR tactics, I have been very fortunate to have eight guest authors who have written a chapter on their speciality and I owe them enormous thanks. You can find their details here.

The purpose of this book is to assist you when working on your business. I hope it helps your business grow and prosper and adds enjoyment to your working week.”


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